Umami Restaurant


The culinary hotspot in the heart of Utrecht with a terrace on the canal


Enjoy the most delicious dishes

Welcome to restaurant Umami. The culinary hotspot in the heart of Utrecht. Discover Asian cuisine in an attractive ambiance here. Our stylishly decorated restaurant has two floors and can accommodate 200 guests. Enjoy the most original dishes here, which are all prepared with fresh ingredients.


Unlimited enjoyment

Take a look at our unique restaurant

Experience the world of Umami, where the variations are limitless. It is unlimited enjoyment here. All dishes are placed in the middle of the table, to taste, share and experience together.

Restaurant Umami has space for 200 covers and is therefore a perfect location for celebrations and celebrations. With us you can book several tables for a wedding party, company outing, anniversary, family party or birthday.



Discover the delicious fifth taste during lunch or dinner. Choose from one of our three unique packages: the All You Can Taste Lunch, the All You Can Eat Menu or the All You Can Taste Dinner. You can choose various dishes per round.

Choose three dishes per person from each round, where you can determine the number of rounds yourself. The dishes are then served in the middle of the table for sharing. To keep the quality high, the dishes are served individually as soon as they are ready.

What to expect

Our chefs will prepare it fresh for you!

Enjoy fresh sushi dishes such as Nigiri, Gunkan, Temaki, Maki and Urumaki. All freshly prepared with quality vegetables, fish, meat and shellfish. Experience all flavors, but especially the fifth characteristic Umami taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parking options?

There are several parking garages near Umami, such as Q-Park La Vie and ParkBee Kroonstraat. Our restaurant is within walking distance from those garages.

What dishes can I expect?

At Umami Utrecht you can taste dishes of sour, salty, sweet, bitter and the fifth taste; Umami. So you can expect dishes in those categories. The sushi varieties are Nigiri, Gunkan, Temaki, Maki, Uramaki.

Wat betekent 'All You Can Taste'?

This is an arrangement for both lunch and dinner. With this package you can enjoy all the dishes that we have on the menu for 2 hours during lunch and 2.5 hours during dinner. This happens in several rounds and a maximum number of dishes per round. 'All You Can Taste' was possible at that time, in other words to taste everything from the menu.

How can I make a reservation?

At Umami Utrecht you can make a reservation online via the button on the right side/bottom of the website. You choose a date, the number of people and what time you want to come. We state an end time with your reservation. This is due to the end time of lunch and the closing time.

Where can I find Umami?

You will find Umami Utrecht in the heart of Utrecht, on the canals of Utrecht. Our address is Oudegracht 74, 3511 AT Utrecht. If you cannot find us, please call us on 030 231 6484.